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K Rend R10 Bonding Aid 20kg - J030

K Rend R10 Bonding Aid 20kg - J030

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K Rend R10 is a modified acrylic bonding coat designed to improve the adhesion of K Rend renders to high suction substrates such as a light weight block where the background does not provide sufficient key or has poor suction characteristics. K Rend R10 can be applied using a roller or by hand. K Rend R10 prepares the background for application of K Rend one coat renders, without the need of a Base Coat.


  • The temperature of the substrate and surrounding air should be a minimum of 5°c
  • Do not apply in conditions of strong sunshine or wind; do not apply onto damp or frozen substrates
  • Stir bucket contents thoroughly before use; do not add water to product
  • Apply K Rend R10 by roller or brush and allow to dry before applying top coat


  • Appearance: Self-coloured palette
  • Density: 1.2kg / m³
  • Coverage: 0.25 to 0.45kg/ m² approx. | depending on substrate and application technique. Higher suction backgrounds require more material and may require two coats
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