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K Rend Primer TC 15kg

K Rend Primer TC 15kg

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Primer TC is a ready to use primer which is quick and easy to apply by brush, roller or spray. It is available in a wide range of colours which are co-ordinated to the colour of Silicone TC or Mineral TC topcoats. Primer TC should be used after the application of K Rend Base Coat and before Silicone TC or Mineral TC.

Before K Rend Thin Coats are applied, the backgrounds should be primed with K Rend Primer TC.

  • Easy to Apply - Primer TC is easy to apply and provides the perfect finish to every job
  • Reduces Suction - Reduces suction of the substrate to ensure a smooth and consistent finish
  • Ready Mixed - Primer TC comes mixed and is ready to use
  • Colour Matched - Primer TC is colour matched to the desired thin coat finish


  • Require: 0.25kg / sq m approx.
  • Composition: A water-dillutable acrylic resin dispersion
  • Classifications according to: BE EN 15824

Also available in: Limestone White, Light Bronze, Corn, Linen, Sky, Sunflower, Causeway, Mint, Antique White, Mocha, Golden, Rosemary, Granite, Mink, Pearl, Ash White, Wheaten, Pistachio, Biscuit

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