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K Rend K1 Spray 25kg - 25011

K Rend K1 Spray 25kg - 25011

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K1 Spray is a cement based through coloured render and provides a fine texture finish.

K1 Spray is designed for use with most render spray machines but can also be hand applied. It is ideal for larger projects where the speed of machine application can offer time saving benefits. K1 Spray provides a fine texture finish.

  • Weather Resistant - K1 Spray is weather and algae resistant
  • Fine Texture - K1 Spray has a fine texture finish
  • Colour Range - K1 Spray comes in an extensive colour range
  • Hand / Machine Applied - K1 Spray can be easily hand or machine applied



  • One coat is applied directly onto block work (please seek advice from our Technical Support Team) and must be finished to a minimum of 16mm thick to avoid 'ghosting'
  • The material should be applied 18mm thick in 2 passes; the first pass 6-8mm and the second pass 12-14mm. (See also under Spray Application). After setting, 2mm is scraped off for a 16mm finish
  • If the material is being used in a two coat application the finish coat is applied over a K Rend Base Coat to line level, using a Darby or straight edge, to a minimum thickness of 10-12mm. When straightening, hollows should be filled out immediately before a skin is formed
  • Care should be taken to avoid small hollows, which can make it difficult to achieve a good finish. Small areas such as quoins, reveals and bands can be left with a plastic float
  • Do not polish


  • One coat / 2 passes onto 7 newton block require: 26 - 32kg / sq m approx. | nominal 16 - 20mm thickness
  • Over Base Coat require: 18kg / sq m approx. | nominal 10mm thickness
  • Classifications according to: BE EN 998-1
  • Compressive strength: CS II
  • Capillary water absorption category: W2
  • Thermal conductivity: P=50% - 0.39

Also available in: Buttermilk, Stone, Champagne, York, Cream, Powder Blue, Salmon Pink, Pewter Grey, Terracotta, Arran, Sandstone, Green, Cinnamon, Fintry Stone, Oatmeal

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