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K Rend HP12 Base Coat 25kg

K Rend HP12 Base Coat 25kg

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HP12 Base Coat is used as a preparation coat for K Rend top coat finishes.

HP12 Base Coat can be hand or machine applied. It uses ‘High Polymer’ technology for an enhanced performance on difficult substrates such as dense block, unpainted render and brickwork (providing K Rend R7 Primer is used in conjunction with this). It is ideal as a stipple coat or for dense backgrounds and has increased water resistance and adhesion. Incorporation of Alkali Resistant Reinforcing Mesh may be required at stress points such as door and window reveals. HP12 Base Coat can be used in conjunction with all K Rend finishes including Scraped Texture, Thin Coat, Dash, Roughcast and Brick Rend.

  • High Polymer - For enhanced performance on difficult substrates
  • Difficult Substrates - This base coat can be applied on to difficult substrates
  • Suits Thin Coat Finish - HP12 Base Coat is suitable for a thin coat finish
  • Hand / Machine Applied - HP12 can be hand or machine applied with ease


  • Primary Coat, where required should be applied to substrates as preparation for subsequent coats. Thickness should be as per product specification. It is important to take special care to straighten with a Darby / straight edge to ensure that the next coat is applied to uniform level
  • Form a light key only
  • Allow 24 hours curing time before further application, unless advised otherwise. For info on unusual substrates, seek technical advise


  • Require: 8 - 11kg / sq m approx. | nominal 4-6mm thickness I Up to 12mm thickness onto masonry substrates
  • Classifications according to: BE EN 998-1
  • Compressive strength: CS IV
  • Capillary water absorption category: W2
  • Thermal conductivity: P=50% - 0.61
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